Monday, 28 November 2011

Your Pet Phrases, Our Poetry

You say: "Oh shoot!--I forgot to take out the garbage."
We say: "Refuse refuse!"

You say: "Darren is such a jerk."
We say: "Jerk, Darren be!"

You say: "Have a nice day."
We say: "May many slices of bologna line your eyelids in a dreamworld of meat!"

You say: "I'm an avid reader."
We say: "I go into the text like a diver into a sweet shop sea of particular muffin blueberries."

You say: "I'm quite interesting on certain subjects."
We say: "Plasticine meme!"

You say: "Cheque, please."
We say: "Poetry costs dearly."

You say: "There's no way out."
We say: "Welcome to the marketing!"

You say: "Dear Abby..."
We say: "Anne Carson bit our ankleflaps."

You say: "I've got the swing of it now."
We say: "The horizon is the end of... [self-face punch]."

You say: "Good night."
We say:

Here is a concluding picture of poetry:

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