Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Fake Poetry: Abundant & Redundant!

  1. books.google.caRonald Sukenick - 2000 - 133 pages - Google eBook - Preview
    "Fake poems are useless. Like having a fake orgasm. They may look like real poems but they're imitation poems, they have form but no effect on anyone except possibly the author as a kind of masturbation. But that a poem is real doesn't ...
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  2. books.google.caLinda Cummins - 2006 - 192 pages - Preview
    Lou├┐s's alleged translations of the fake poems of an imaginary Greek poet, and Debussy's responses to them, are of particular interest for several reasons: these prose poems are related directly to the great eighteenth-century literary ...
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  3. books.google.caAlison Donnell, Sarah Lawson Welsh - 1996 - 540 pages - Preview
    They were not many; and most of these few were busy over-rating the borrowed sensibilities and fake poems of Tom Redcam, Claude McKay and...JEClare McFarlane. The Poetry League was formed; they crowned McFarlane Poet-Laureate. ...
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  4. books.google.caAlfred Felix Landon Beeston - 1983 - 547 pages - Preview
    poetry of the ajjam (days of battle). A part of this poetry is false, and some of these forgeries were convincingly shown to be so by 'Arafat;12 a certain portion seems, however, to be authentic. But even the fake poems, reflecting as ...
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  5. books.google.caGwen Harwood, G. C. Kratzmann - 2001 - 507 pages - Preview
    ... and he suggested to the company (which included James McAuley and Vivian Smith) that it would be a good idea to send her some 'fake' poems to test her reaction (she was the editor of that year's Australian Poetry). ...
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  6. books.google.caMichael Davidson - 1991 - 268 pages - Preview
    And, as if this were not enough, Spicer and his friends often wrote fake poems of other local poets, aping the styles of those currently held in disrepute. These poems were then published in local magazines under the name of the poet ...
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  7. books.google.caGilbert Sorrentino - 2003 - 376 pages - Preview
    There are no fake poems; there are no easy outs; each poem is a complete attempt to wrestle with experience, to make some sort of order out of its jumble. The preoccupations are many, but the outstanding concern seems to emerge as that ...
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  8. books.google.caJohn Anthony Cuddon, Claire Preston - 1998 - 991 pages - Preview
    James Macpherson (1736—96) created a sensation with these fake poems in Gaelic and, in company with Homer and Milton, he was regarded as one of the great poets of the sublime. His works were widely read, not least in Germany, ...
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  9. books.google.caMartin Duwell, Bronwyn Lea, Martin Duwell - 2003 - 144 pages - Snippet view
    Poets may often fabricate or fake poems, and part of the process of editing is to eliminate the fakes. 'Father and Sons' is one of a handful of poems I have written using, what is for me, a new way of writing poetry. ...
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  10. books.google.caMax Saunders - 2010 - 563 pages - Google eBook - Preview
    Celebrated literary forgeries tend not to try to individuate the faked poets; only to produce fake poems. They don't provide the fictional context of the character producing the poetry to count as heteronyms in Pessoa's sense (though ...
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