Sunday, 20 November 2011

What are "Prewrites"? What is BEST? What is REALLY? What is suck up? What is dirty pretty? Gmorning Poetry Knows Cos Melissa Burns Knows!

Contest So you're a poet huh? {{{PREWRITES WELCOME}}} by Melissa Burns

Description & Prompts

This contest lasts 2 wks, prewrites welcome, one entry per person.

I want your very BEST poem ever. I don't care what it's about - but I want something REALLY good. Something I can sink my teeth into, and that I want to read over and over again. Yes, you can suck up and read my poems (and thank you by the way, those who will) but I will still judge accordingly.

Dirty pretty etc is OK as long as it is really easy to read.
{{{NO mention of terminal illness}}}

That's about it ppl - pretty cut and dry. So come on, write and dig out that old favorite - impress me!

About the Host

Melissa Burns has run 27 contests since joining in 2005.

Judging Notes

Thanks for entering my contest. Listen, There were about 10 poems I wanted to give a gold to - and prob a half dozen more whom needed a min of a silver - but alas we are poor in the points department. Just b/c you didn't win doesn't mean your poem didn't rock - read your comments - you will know who you are Thanks again for entering & hopefully we'll do this again soon!
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  • Melissa Burns
    3 years ago
    Thank you in advance those who will enter my contest - looking forwards to it!

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