Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Gmorn, Poetr! The Party Word Game!

In groups of 2.3 to 109, invent either definitions for the following terms or terms for the following definitions. Please feel free to play along in the comments !

Gtufer: ______________________________________________

Ypwinko: _____________________________________________

Nananananalz: _____________________________________

____________: n. The condition of feeling like a poet's writing about you.

____________: v. To step in animal excrement.

____________: adj. The quality of being arsome, readical, gnorly.

____________: v. To fear  made-up words.

____________: n. Part poem, part vegetable, part ukulele.

Thbmqx: ___________________________________________

Foliku: ______________________________________________

Poo: ______________________________________________

Whsaquerni: __________________________________________

Now add yrown, ad gnawsium!

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