Sunday, 13 November 2011

GP's Latest Online Poll: What's the Shortest Word in the English? THE RESULTS!!

Recently, GP asked its online readers to the question: What's is the shortest word--not proper noun or silly terms--in English languish? Many of you responded, and we are pleaseed to shared the following communications. Read and see for yourself!


I think the shortest word has got to be "be." It sounds like a single letter. Also, it means existence, which is ironically funny and sort of, because, like, it's so short but has an epic meaning: so, irony. Get it? It's one letter shorter than its homonym, "bee,' and several letters shorter than the word "beer."

- Nathanial B.

The shortest non-name word in English equals nanometer, which is, in fact, one one-billioneth of a centimeter, which is, itself, already pretty dang short. You're welcome.

- Do Nano

It's pretty obvious that the shortest words will be any of the one-letter variety, like "a" or "m." What a stupid subject for a poll.

- Clare Stacy

I would like to argue that the shortest word in the language known as English constitutionally figures as "temper" ...of course, only in certain individuals. For example, my father had the shortest temper of anyone I know and, when enraged, would systematically dismantle any machine that did not comply with his attempts of bending its operation towards his will.

- M. Ondaatje

Attosecond = 1 quintillioneth of a second. I win.

- Mary M. O'Hara

I believe the period counts as the shortest semantic unit in English. It's smaller than any other piece of punctuation and contains the full force or meaning of any lettered word... maybe even more so! Take that, Gary!

- Shay Koiscan

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