Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Some Stellar Poems!

Alien Winter

The cold pours in with it's icey breath
Leaves of trees decay with brown
Steam from our mouths
Searching for the warmth of the flame
Stars out in the crystal dark sky
Ice builds up on all the creeks
Strange thing from above falls to the ground
From up above they came
To gather mineral deposits
Hooded in their cloaks
Hiding behind black saucer eyes
Intellect seething with promise
Divine plan at hand with Universal guidance
Just went out for a walk with the dog
Never thought I would come across
Something so unearthly and strange
Wake up some place else
The Grays stand around me
Prodding and poking and inserting
This is certainly a White Christmas
Is this God's gift?
A weird deliverance
Pictures in my mind of pleasant atrocities
Earth on fire as the plates shift
Is this all true like the doomsday prophets spew?
In my mind I hear their voice
Speaking to my soul and heart
Explaining I signed up for this
Where I ask inside my head?
Before this life when you were with us they say
Setting your health strait from all your bodily abuse
Am I one of you?
The buzz and electricty goes through my mind
Like a golden flame from the divine
We are all One and the same they say
Workers from the Source
From on high with a plan to further all life
When the changes come you'll be ready
To guide those who are lost to be found
Earth is to be a galactic planet
Traveling across the stars hand in hand
But first our messengers must be readied
Now go to and fro from all the World
Tell them what you know and saw
Some will laugh and spit
Others will hug you and call you brother
I walk away and watch their craft ascend
My dog Jack sits by me licking my face
At first I was afraid but now I finally Understand

(c) Jeffery Pritchett, 2009

Phone Home

why are you calling out to me?
who are you and who did i use to be?
interstellar craft approaches at night
miracles or illusions
sometimes leaving me in a enlightened fright
did you phone home today?
which way is this going to go eve?
adam is down on his knees
shouting me out
bringing me back from the dead
the missing place in my heart
is filled when i hear your voice
will we hold each other in our arm's again?
waiting on a sign from the heavens
creatures on electronic digital wings
reading my mind
receiving messages from on high
if i can just not answer
the ones from below
i scream out, i shout out, i cry out
for all to be set back to sanity
that consists of just you and me
im hard wired for the glowing cosmos
my face shines will no ill contempt
i must trust in love to conquer all
did you phone home today?
did you ring ring it all away?
im not receiving any busy signals from this transmission
keep the gloom away by staring at the stars
just wanna hold you in my arms
where did this mission go wrong?
looking for a comeback queen and king
all i got is this muse whispering beside me
did you phone home today?
im not going to go away
we will show those who wish us ill gain
gonna rise up high tonight
modern shaman linked to the afterlife
i will not give up
time to break open the proverbial head
did you phone home today?
my et friend
listen to what i say
so this does not go away
necromancer of the dead
reaching out and charging new circuits
here we go outside staring to the universe
this is what will be for now
just wait til spring
for it all to begin
did you phone home today?
my et friend

(c) Jeffery Pritchett, 2007

Thanks, UFO Mag!

Suddenly it appears,
Mysteriously it vanishes,
Flooding the sky with curiousity.
Lights of green,
Lights of orange,
Dazzle mans eye.

Flying disc?
People beyond the Earth?
These are incredible.
"Civilization is ours only," says he
Out of conservatism and prejudice.

What the naked eye has seen,
What danced on radar screen,
Was branded sheer illusion.
Whereas stale dogmas
Are chanted as gospel.

A visitor from another planet
On board a flying disc
Knocks at our door;
But we, frogs in the well,
Skulking in the bottom,
Dare not venture to answer.

(c) Liu Shahe
This has been translated from the original poem written in Chinese.

1970 Anomaly of an English Building Designer 

Whilst driving home late from measurements great
Turn left toward Stone-Henge incline down quick straight
Huge Fuzz ball over hedge left gate enveloping white
Engine don't work then no light

Handbrake darker quite concerned steer a line
Will my end be at lower bend right entwine

Lights back on start engine HOORAY
Check my brain within the grey
Three month's Hospital psychotropic stay
May it happen not of folk today

MOD quote "Of weather phenomenay,
them there UFO's are not synonymay
and saucers eluded during dinner entrée
be not flying the Cleric's IN tray.
            -   -   -   -
Maybe distant future bold
Flying Saucers can be told".

(c) COL8K4bBminus30, 2010

Crazy Day

I was out playing basketball one day and saw a strange thing in the sky. The strange thing came down and landed in my yard. I tried to run, but I was taken in to what looked like a UFO. I was inside and a strange blue-green alien said to me, “We are going to Vars.” The strangest thing about the aliens was that they didn’t have legs. The aliens moved around on little stubbles and they didn’t move very fast. I was thinking to myself that I would never get back to Earth. As we got closer to Vars, I could see that it wasn’t very big. Once we landed and the door opened, I saw that there had to be amount 10,000 aliens in a very small area. I knew this wasn’t going to be good.

I knew that the aliens were slow, so I broke their arms to get away. I ran into the ship. There were a lot of buttons on the ship. I just started to hit random buttons. Finally, I hit the right one, and I was on my way back home! I landed the ship in the lake in the forest outside of my town. I will never bring this day up again!

(c) Nathan, Age 14, 2011

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