Friday, 4 November 2011


Poetriarch 1 thumb up

The leader of a rhyme family or gemre

Shakespeare was the poetriarch of the Elizabethan rhyme family

Poetography 2 thumbs up

Poetography is a new visual art form that merges poetry and photography in order to affect ones senses or emotions. The goal of this melding is to further enhance the aesthetic quality of both arts. By combining photographic imagery with poetry the artist has an opportunity to better represent his/her creativity as well as further enhancing the human experience with the final product.

It's amazing how poetography gives a sense of direction to the picture.


adj. Used to describe flowery crap typed up at midnight by any random jerk who believes they are a total unbelievable genius and they are SO misunderstood and one day people will beg to kiss their butts, or things related to or having to do with said crap.

Person1: Did you read Ryan's last blog update about how no one understands true art and beauty?
Person2: Dude, that guy is so poetiotic, it's just depressing.

poetify 3 thumbs down

If You Have Words Or Feelings You Will Take The And Turn Them Into A Poem That Would Be Poetifying Words.

Take these words and poetify them.

poetest 3 up, 2 down

really good poem writer, a badass

yo, check it, i am the most poetest dude after getting an A on my poetry test.

poetent 2 thumbs up

The characteristic of a poet or poem that is especially rich, fertile and powerful.
Fern Hill is a very poetent poem.
Shakespeare is the most poetent bard in English

poet 123 up, 45 down

someone who makes chicks seem to go crazy.
im a poet. unlike prose writers when i form my sentences it doesnt make any coherent sense but it sounds fuckin cool anyway.

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