Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Apologeez for the Delay, Poets


These New Yorker poems are well-done poems of their kind, but reading closely one finds they have a quality of manufactured verse. His New Yorker poems are not flarf. They're 3rd-rate Fred Seidel knockoffs. New Yorker Poems are available only in English translation.Michael Robbins' recent New Yorker poems are these. I'm cranky this week (Jersey humidity) or because of what they themselves are, but this week's New Yorker poems are not so good. New Yorker poems are as rich in meaning as the sleep-talking of someone who doesn1 t speak English. Abstraction, sugge stion, rough delineation, etc. are all... I'm not sure if the New Yorker poems are the same, but you may want to check out the APR article to see. By the way, I'm new to this list and am enjoying the New Yorker poems [that] are so derivative, mine most certainly will be published. Okay, I accepted Slim's dare. So, I dare you to ... GOOGLE.