Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Your Essay Was...

I asked several poets to comment on my poem "Love Has a Southern Flavor" and Dr. Joseph S. Salemi said, "Your essay was NOT anywhere near a 'trashing' of this thing because boy oh boy did you did a wonderful job with the grammar,' that was a star performance', 'your essay was a work of genius'. Poetry has a way of magnifying imagery to create a deeper representation of what is truly lost on most of the world as they act happy in their commercial lives. Plus overall your essay was great and congrats again but I should point out that the poem's author is Wilfred Owen not Beyonce and the poem is titled 'Dulce et Decorum est' not "Let's Decorate Dennis." Your essay was really helpful with my studying. Please be one of the most inspiring Vietnamese poems of our generation, I said to the poem because I was frustrated with the process of learning and because I do not want to be the only considering them or me invalid. I thought that your essay was going to be a very sensitive and gutsy response to a poet who also sounds quite brave but instead your essay sucked marbles held in the scrotal sac of a stinky leprous giant. I especially like your extension of the seeing of the poem as a kind of oracular tuba for anyone that's too lazy to read all of that: "In March," began the poem and then I fell asleep because I've never--thank god you ended the sentence there! Your essay was very nice. Oh, and I kind of just put in some poems to show "diversity!" I personally and in my own personal opinion like the poem "Death be not proud." It's very good. Reply? I was having trouble finding the information I needed and your essay was so helpful vis-a-vis the female subject of the poem who turns out to be the kind of suburban woman who drives an El Camino, listens to the Black Keys, smokes dope, writes poems, and loves her children (who love soccer) very much. The kind of Christmas mother who--thank God again you ended your sentence there again! If your essay was on Andrew Davies, the last reference would look like this:

Please be sure to use proper MLA citation.

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