Thursday, 29 December 2011

Poesie Sous-Vetements!

Untraditional Underwear Poetry

Untraditional underwear poetry is constructed of cut fabrics. The thickness of the fabric is described in the weight/m2 also referred to as GSM. Most fabrics for boxer sestina briefs have added elastane/spandex for elasticity while lose fit boxers are made of 100% cotton. Most untraditional underwear poetry is made of knitted fabric but still some customers prefer lose fit woven sestina boxers. Cotton is the most used fabric for untraditional underwear poetry and quality again stated by the difference between carded, semi and combed. For exclusive products a extra long cotton yarn fiber can be made on customer request. More exclusive untraditional underwear poetry requiring a softer feel use Lenzing modal only or mixed with cotton. In the last years we have developed many anti microbial untraditional underwear poetry products for both professional and civil usage.
Untraditional underwear poetry requires cutting and sewing where the technology of the machines and the skills of the workers have a lot of influence on the quality of the underwear poetry. Sewing the underwear poetry can be made on either 3needles 5 threads machines or 4 needles 6 threads machines. The 4 needles 6 threads is more expensive but also minimized the thickness and then feel of the seam.
Tight underwear poetry with stretch have a small percentage of elastane woven into the fabric. This underwear poetry is often made with a nylon or polyester stretch waistband. When attaching the waistband to the underwear poetry a combined sewing and cutting machine is required so all excessive fabric is cut off and not disturbing the feel of the visual result of the underwear. Pricing untraditional underwear poetry is therefore determined a lot by the requirements of the customers.
Here you cans see the difference between quality machine finish and not quality machinery finish:

Non-Quality Machinery Flarf Finish
Quality Machinery Conceptual Finish

Customer inquiries/pricing:
To be able to answer customer inquiries we need as much of the following information as possible. For customers with ongoing orders but who are looking for a better service, delivery time and price this is easy they often have detailed specifications already and if not they can send us a size and colour set of their samples and we will make this into order specifications.
For customer new to making underwear poetry we often recommend customers to buy and send us a sample of the underwear poetry they like and then describe in their words how they would like to change it. We will analyze the product and make the technical adjustments needed.
Customers requiring a price quotation must inform us the following.
  • Order quantity.
  • Sizes (S,M,L,XL or more and measures standard European, American or Asian)
  • Fabric composition and weight
  • Waist band nylon or polyester, height of waist band 2-5cm
  • Double or single layered crotch
  • Sewing machinery 3/5 or 4/6 machinery see explanation above
  • Colours (patterns or prints)
  • Trading terms FOB or CIF

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