Friday, 2 December 2011

Our Favs from Kiddies, the REAL Poets of every Generation!

this post is for Robert Young, first-year creative writing students everywhere and my grandma!

My Wet Bike
Loghan, Age 8, Rolla, BC

The tires on my bike
were dry,
but the handles on my bike
were wet and now
my gloves are soggy.
Last night, I dreamed
that I had the power to make people
defeat the unthinkable.

What I Like
Kiffany, Age 6, Boyd, WI
I like dogs, I like cats,
I like setting the table,
I like school,
I like my mom,
I like my dad,
I like my sister,
I like flowers,
I like animals,
I like books,
I like birds,
I like moose,
I like to hug trees.
I like to hug friends.
I like lots and lots of things!

Steven, Age 8, Wisconsin, USA
Rams have hard horns
that can be dangerous
Rams have cool horns
to fight with in the Fall.

Smelly Sock
Michael, Age 11, Kitimat, BC
I found a smelly sock
It was found at the dock,
Dropped on my head by a hawk
That truly was a great shock!
Boy that sock really did smell
It smells worse then a sewer cell,
It belonged to a guy named Mel
I went and hurled it down a well.

Megan, Age 11, Farmington, CT
Some days I have fights with friends
Some days I break up with them
Some days I feel like working out
Some days I'm too depressed
But a lot of people just sulk
And I know I won't
'Cause you have to get over it
Whether someone died
Or your best friend betrayed you
You still have to know that one way or another
You're okay
If my lip gloss is smeared
Or blush is on my forehead
Or if my best friend stabs me in the back
I tell myself that I'm okay
And if people think I'm dramatic
They hit the jackpot
But I'm still okay
No matter what anyone says.

The Finish Line
Ashley, Kelsea & Chloe, Age 9, Mishawaka, IN
The finish line!
The finish line!
I see it!
I see it!
The finish line!
“ HEY!”
What did you say!
I went the
Wrong way.
I see the starting line!

Brendan, Age 12, Alisip, IL

I love to roll around on wheels,
never want to get on a highlight reel,
never will quit even if I get hurt.
I will fight, my board and I will go pro:

I will skate for Fury and wear my Hurley.
I'll skate with Koston because we meet in Boston.
He's the one who hooked me up with Fury.
We went to a competition to win!

I'll brake Danny Way's 62" foot record.
I am going to crush Ryan Sheckler in skate
I'll fly high and be better than best
because I believe this was my fate!

Mitchell, Age 12, Armstrong, BC
I strike at random,
I have no guilt, nothing to regret,
Except when my victims escape me,
I am Cancer,
The most deadly of all,
If you are my victim get ready to fall,
For I am Cancer and I am deadly.

Breanna, Age 11, Mishawaka, IN
Have you ever been call an embarrassing name?  Like sweet cheeks, pumpkin, honey bunches, or pookey?  I think everyone has been called an embarrassing name.  It was probably made up by one of your family members.  If you don’t have some kind of nick name than it could get a little boring at your family functions. For instance I went to a family get together at my friend's house and this is what happened as we entered the door.  "Hi sweety pie, nice to see you Pinky. How are you doing Breezer?" my aunties yelled and crooned. It gave me such a headache! Why do people use those silly names?

Lemons and Bananas
Anissa, Age 10, Tucson, AZ
Differences and Comparisons
Boomerangs and grenades
Moons and suns
Bowls and bottles
Feet and heads
Sour and fruit


Ticks and Fleas
Joey, Age 10, Tucson, AZ
Animals have ticks and fleas.
They're matty and scratchy,
and what if they taste like rubber
or if they can make me die.
Oh dear oh my
Oh dear oh my!!!
Why did my dog have to die?
Every tick and flea.

What I Am
Brittney, Age 12, Bloomer, WI
Don't know how to write a poem
Like I'm even on time
Not responsible
I commit the crime

I go to school I get good grades
But then again my clothes just fade
Everything just shuts me down
Don't even have the guts to frown

And that is what I am.

Stupid Things
Paul, Age 11, Chicago, IL
I'm a kid, my name is Paul,
I'm not short, I'm not that tall.
I've done a lot of stupid things,
like jump off the roof with a pair of fake wings.

Once, I saw my principal's car.
It was the nicest car by far.
I put it in drive, then I saw Mr. Bention.
I hit a street pole and went to detention!

Once, I went to a soccer game.
It wasn't exciting, it was pretty lame.
I ran on the field, my shirt waving around.
Security pounced on me, and I hit the ground.

I'm a kid, my name is Paul,
I'm not short, I'm not that tall.
I've done stupid things in the past
and it probably wasn't the last!

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