Friday, 16 December 2011

Urban dictionary teaches us language abouts!!

2. synecdouche 3 thumbs up
Someone who uses rhetorical terms (such as synecdoche) frequently, pompously, and/or incorrectly.
Betty: Do you really love me?!
Tom: Is that a rhetorical question?
Adam: Dude, he says that every time. What a synecdouche.
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english grammar syntax diction synecdoche
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1. cathardick
Dick from Cathar.
John:'Hey wheres this guy from?'
Joe:'His a cathardick.'
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cathardick cathar dick katardick chatardick
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2. trope 18 up, 107 down
A type of fish... born when a trout a carp and a roach has a threesome, or when a trout a carp and a roach swim into each other a VERY high speeds thus fusing together forming a trope. trope may also come to being through radiation... the trope feed on kinkylicious sandwiggy's that are fed to them by coop (the 11th definition) who is the brookstar's slave.
north atlantic trope
deep sea trope
scotish trope
freash water trope
tropeical trope
rainbow trope
ghost trope
brown trope
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carp trout roach radiation sandwiggy
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1. metaphorgasm 28 up, 1 down
What happens when someone overreacts, gushingly, to an overanalytical comment about literature.
The English teacher had a metaphorgasm when the student compared the clouds in the poem to femininity and the sun in the poem to masculinity.
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1. anagrtam 1 thumb down
An anagram that doesn't work, and makes no sense at all. Often used to confuse people. You can easily produce your own anagrtam by beating your keyboard with a fish and seeing what happens.
Guy 1 "asfirv"
Guy 2 "Whaaa?"
Guy 1 "Thats an anagrtam for forest fire!"

5. pome 20 up, 46 down
A word to call someone. Can be a neutral word, an alternative to perhaps "dude"
May be used offensively
Hey pome, what's up?
Shut the hell up you pome!
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