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What is a Good Poet Nickname?

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What Is a Good Poet Nickname?

I am a poet, and a few of my poet friends have nick names like "Everlost Poet" and "Bloodstained poet" Im trying to find one for myself, my name is Kelsey, Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I'm zephyr in several groups. It fits me.

It depends on what you feel is your personality. Do you love the water?
Tranquil Poet
Deep Blue Poet
Deepest Poet
Or if you love the heat:
Hot Mama Poet
Fire Walker Poet, etc..
Hurricane or Toronado Poet.
Electrical Poet.

You live and breathe your will find the key. I'm a butterfly (Clan of the Butterfly in Ancient Native American teachings) and I LOVE the wind and wild storms. I think of myself as a free spirit. For you it might be:
Sultry Poet

Best of luck-


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Thanks, I think that got my mind working ^^

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