Thursday, 17 May 2012

Haiku is the most Economical Poetries! Evan D. Flaschen Knows It's Truth!

And the Rest Is History

The Cardinals chose
Young Joe Garagiola
The Yanks got Yogi

Near Death Experience

General Motors
Bankrupt, but “it ain’t over
until it’s over.”

The Closing Song For Greece/Grease

Greece and bad fiscal
Judgment go together like
Dip da dip da dip
By Guest Haiku Artist Ariel Collis, Economist

Global Plea

Unemployed so long
Brother, can you spare a job?
No easy answers

Occupy Wall Street

One percent are rich
Ninety-nine percent look on
Warfare or envy?

MF Global

Cash has disappeared
A billion here, billion there
So where did it go?

Euro Zone

Hellenic bailout
Grease the skids or skid the Greeks?
Atlas shrugs, again

And more of these jeeky little gems righto here!

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