Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Advanced Praise for "Conceptualists Now: the Movie"

Bud: "Beautiful movie..uplifting message... the first poem that ever inspired me to read and write poetry was "Day" it's words forever engraved into a little plaque in my bedroom and eternally carved in my heart.."

Diane: "I think humanity would be in such a better place if we, alongside the sciences, also learned conceptual poetry as a fundamental part of our education. Not just reading poetry, but copying it, living it, and being completely free in it. No grades, no pass or not pass, no plagiarism charges, just a class where the teacher would take the kids out in the wild, to watch nature, to watch people in the city, to listen, and to steal whatever it is they feel or want to steal that someone else has already written. Now that would be progress in my eyes."

Steve: "This is awesome :) I'm a conceptual poet as well, check out my new conceptual poetry video on my channel. conceptual poetry will never die because it's already dead!"

Anish: "I cry at the end of it every time I watch it. I often wonder if I will get alzeihmer's, what I would do in the last moments of life, only able to watch and see what is around you, not for any purpose but for simply the act of seeing. Seeing moments of this lady starting to learn conceptual poetry brings a strange warmth to my heart, and tears to my eyes, but thankfulness that I have had the chance to walk on this earth."

Cor: "Wonderful film. Pure cinema. No pat answers nor tidy endings."

Susan: "Extraordinary film, totally took me by surprise. Although not for everyone, those who enjoy cinematic experiences can definitely be taken away by this conceptual poetry movie. The acting was beautiful and it was heartbreaking and touching at the same time. One of the best conceptual poetry films of the year."

Doug: "Conceptual poetry is Life!"

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