Wednesday, 2 May 2012

In Which We Interview the Editors Over at FalseGossip

GP Editors: Thanks you fer takings the time/moment to address our serious
poetry concerns + procerns. Could we begin by asking youse to introduce us
to who you aren't?

FG Editors: We arn't marrid or living in a group home or anythgn like
that.  We arent Himmmm.  We aren't concerned citazens and we're not
woried abt voting in any upcoming elecshuns.

GP Editors: That's great. Nice work. Okay, then. How about this query
language uncertainty... Who is your most favourite incredibly celebrity poet

FG Editors: We don't know much about poets, but Vigo Mortension
writes some beautiful poesm.  We colekt the as many celebraty poams as
we kan finde.  We have Charie Shun, Ricard Grecio, Lenard Nemoy, Aly
Sheddy, Susan Somars and Billie Crogan.

GP Editors:
As a follow-up to your "answer," would you mind defining
epistemologically your use of the that adjective in your title? What are the
ethics of "false"?

FG Editors: Well, not real. Just rediculus like plain ol' silly. We
really wanted to diferent8 us from TMZ for eg.  Its false b/c ppl r so

GP Editors: We love you. If you were forced by threat of scorpion dagger to
compose a pantoum about one particular celebutante, which and who would you
pick like a nose and why?

FG Editors: Every single one?

GP Editors: Your turn.

FG Editors:
Which celebs do you, the editors, chief principals and
directors of G'Moring Poetry enjoy the most with your din din?

GP Editors: We are hella fans of the Scarlett Majken Johansson, Jim Henry Carey & Rita Hayworth Dove! All while eating tofu blocks sculpted into punctuations with alphaghettis! How is it you do greet the morning each morning?

FG Editors: High fives and the removal of clothes over coffee. Really
gets the gossipy mood going. There are about 25 of us involved, so as
you can imagin there are lots of excitements in the wee hours.

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