Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Poetry Typos: the Comment Stream

  • Debbie Gavazzi8/5/2010
    Remember in the first edition when Frost's chestnut was printed by MacMillan Co. as Two Toads Diverged in the Woods? LOL!
  • Renee Bagley7/15/2010
    LOL... I have been there! I have been trying to triple check my titles lately, for the same reason. I wrote a book called The Golden Bumble Bee and they printed it as The Golden Assble Bee which is a real howler.
  • Pearl Grace7/5/2010
    Really fun poem to read in pubic! Its rhythm is aweome. Very nice job!
  • Stephanie Jeannot7/1/2010
    Poetry Love!
  • Marie Stine6/29/2010
    I know the feeling! One time Philip Larkin jokingly said "call it Whit-tit Weddings" and that's just what Faber & Faber did.
  • Catherine Spencer.6/29/2010
    I just thought you had created a new type of poetry: the Bonnet. Which is a sonnet but it has to be about hats. Like your poem was when it mentioned the fedora. Funny.
  • Rita Oakleaf (formerly Muether)6/29/2010
    I usually spell things right, but sometimes leave words out. When I read over it, I somehow "read" words that aren't there because I know what I want it to say. Typos annoy all of us, I think. A really funny thing though is that I just reread this and the way i spelled Typos was Typohs which is a wholly different word in its way. Incidentally I went back and changed the initial usage.
  • Ellen Burford6/29/2010
  • Shelly Barclay6/26/2010
    Typos are the bone of my existence.
  • Carol Roach6/26/2010
    I am the same way, it's a learning disability for me. I wood forget my had if it wasn't screwed on to my neck. Still, i do love poetry to the end.

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