Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Lines for your Love Poems if You Are Struggling We Can Help You Right Here With these 10 Good Ones

Here are 10 lines--in no particular order--in the public domain (free) that you can slip into your love poem if it needs more powerful juice:

1. I don't even wanna talk about your eyes / because they are hurting my soul / in a good way / with their swirlies
2. I will mountain you / until all the hearts / crumble into the see-saw
3. If there was a road in the air / made of silk / then I would suggest that would be a good metaphor / for having sex / with you / if one was in a sweet car / on that silky / highway / riding all night long / if you catch / my drift
4. Your body against mine / all the time / would be pretty fine / so show me a sign / and unwind your twine / into my lips / do it quicks
5. Let's listen to the moonlight / take off its stockings / and then find each other / in the mist / with our flickering tongues
6. I like your sandals
7. Roses have been talked about a lot / by a lot of poets / so I am offering you Toses / which are tulips cross-fertilized with roses
8. Chocolates? Flowers? Champagne? / Your love drives me insagne.
9. The sound of harps / is real-- / it's emanating from / my heart // The "boing" sound you hear / is from another organ / if you catch my innuendo drift / again
10. [something/anything in French] Mon petite potate etc.

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