Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Comments Stream Poetry Sandwiches Talk is Rich the Poem is in the Pudding Sandwich That is True and Truer Studies in Gender Too

  1. ooh, so you don’t want to make me a sandwich?!!?
    sudo make me a sandwich
    There you go biaaaaatch
  2. The_Specialist
    Ha ha, nice one ! Would have been even better if the letters said “sammich” instead of “sandwich” !
  3. Razial36
    My Love For you is always There
    All consuming and ever pleasant
    Knowing you were there for me
    ever present in my life
    Making my day brighter with your smile
    Ever present on your face
    Sad days turned around
    All in a touch of your hand
    Never Judging me , always helping me
    Doubt never crossing you
    Wisdom always filling you
    I cannot list all the reasons
    Cannot find the words to tell you
    How can i tell you…..
  4. FF
    Too much ever present
  5. Not funneh coz its a girl that answered and she shouldnt be answering she should be cooking.
  6. Efex
    you just won a…. sandwich
  7. guwno-master
    That trolling is a art.
  8. Behemother
    the asker says the only thing she appreciated about the poem was that it used the word “perfume”. the word perfume is not in the poem. this is seriously bothering me.
  9. TakingItTooSeriously
    Heh heh…. “It needs to make marginal sense”…. And the trolling is in the margins….. It’s funny because it’s true….
  10. Moe
    my love for you is like a truck!
  11. Columbia
    @Behemother – a lot of the people on Y!Answers don’t even bother to clarify who they’re speaking to. It could have been an answerer who snuck in before the almighty sammich post found its way.
  12. ElChupacabra

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