Sunday, 27 May 2012

Reflections of Some Books of Poetry with the Word "Reflections" in Their Titles

Reflections: Magic Beyond the Pain by Dalia

We reflect that this poetry collection looks painfully magical.

Reflections by David Z. Moronz

We reflect that 'Reflections' spelled backwards in the sky is interesting and then some.

Reflections: Poems of Faith by Charles Lee Taylor

We reflect that four crosses equal a game of tic-tac-toe


Reflections: Poetry and Illustrations by Lisa Herman-Gagon

We reflect that this picture was probably taken askew, with Lisa's finger crazy-glued to the mirror.


Reflections: From the Heart a Collection of Poetry by Dianna Wilson

We reflect that the heart may know the power of love, but will never know the power of effective typography.


Reflections in Poetry by Glenndell Chatmon

We reflect that this book in untouchable.


Poetic Reflections by Dickie Elaine Vean

We reflect that real poets have either three names or only one.


Reflections of a Poetic Judge by Hon. James Brown

We reflect that it is bad practice to poke fun at judges.


Reflections and Poetry to Ponder by Diane Hicks White

We reflect that we'd like to read more poetry that isn't meant to be pondered.


Reflections in Poetry with Uncle Tony by Uncle Tony

We reflect that "Gagbah" means "No Thank You" in Gaelic.



Reflections on Lifes Roller Coaster Rides: 100 Poems of Circumstance  by Dwayne M. Kilbourne

We reflect that "Roller Coaster Rides" is not used as a trope throughout Kilbourne's 100 poems... his book was literally written on a roller coaster.


Reflections on My Life: A Collection of Poetry by Peter C. Rubin

We reflect that the right stock photo can add a unique and personal touch to any cover.


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