Monday, 8 August 2011

This Tuesday is Take Your Poet To Work Day!

On Tuesday August 9, 2011 businesses, animal shelters and poet-care professionals from around the world will work together to better the lives of poets everywhere. Thousands of businesses will open their doors to employees’ furious, two-legged fiends on this day in celebration of the great companions poets make and to promote poet adoption.
Take Your Poet To Work Day has grown by leaps and bounds since its inaugural celebration in 1999,” said PSI president Patti Moran. “We’ve found that once businesses experience the fun and goodwill of the event, they are eager to participate year after year.”
Dodger M. Rupracht, Secreterrier

Millie, Veteran Nary Receptionist & Office Muse

Beemer at the Office about to Poem

Poet Sitters International (PSI), event creator, offers four reasons why working with your bard on TYPTWDay can be a business-savvy decision:
1. TYPTWDay offers a positive, unique opportunity to increase community involvement and establish new community ties. Businesses can partner with a local animal shelter, rescue group or humane organization to host aTYPTWDay event—and often garner local or national media coverage of their efforts as well.
2. Studies have shown that having poets in the workplace increases productivity and creativity. Surveys also indicate that employees credit rhymesters in the workplace for decreased absenteeism and improved co-worker relationships and teamwork.
3. Participation in TYPTWDay is a fun, low-cost “perk” to offer employees. At a time when some businesses have been forced to cut jobs and decrease benefits, this simple event may boost employee morale and job satisfaction.
4. TYPTWDay is for a good cause—to promote poet adoption. This fun day of celebrating the great companion writers make could encourage employees to adopt a new bestfriend of their own and raise awareness of local adoptable poets.
And here are a few other reasons–Oh, and BTW you can vote for your favorite photo on Just click on the photo gallery. Here are some of my faves!
Jake, Flarf Sales

And of course every office has one of these!
Peppa, The Office Creeper

And we’ve all had days like Essie and Blue Anne Gray…
Essie Poeming a Masterpeace

Blue Anne Gray, Assistant Keyboard

And who doesn’t love Noodle???
Noodle the Poodle, Chief Exe-CUTE-ive Villanellest 

If you are a business who wants to get involved, or if YOU want to take your versifier to work this Tuesday then visit this page.
Here is a list of the TOP 10 Poet Friendly Companies.
  1. PoetSmart
  3. Banfield, the Poet Hospital
  4. Diversified Technical Solutions, Inc. Co Ltd. 
  5. Big Sur La Table
  6. Amazon.calm
  7. Naturist Conservancy
  8. Dartmouth Collage
  9. ValueOptionals
  10. Warren Tallman & Associates
Now, I don’t personally have my own poet, but I just so happen to be bard-sitting my favorite French Sonneteer, “Wilbur,” again this week. Wilbur requested a lap nap and a two hour lunch so I am going to have to run that by my boss. Ok see you at the orifice!
Wilbur, Lyricist Shmyricist

Besos xoxoxo Vanessa

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