Sunday, 28 August 2011

Give Poetry a Shot!

Thank you, bg! Finally, an adequate forum via which just about anyone can participate in the ongoingly highly-heated Poetry Control debate. The Second Amendment should never have been applied to poems in the first place! Keep the peace! Keep the power!


Heres a thread for you to create your own gun control poetry... heres my poem for everyone to read and print out, and I plan on printing out yours as well for a a book to let all my friends read ,they will find it most entertaining. here goes ....

we will not surrender our guns to anyone
we will not let you take our weapons
we will not let you for any reason
spend all day in court, tally up counts in congress
at the end of it there will be bloodshed
no one will take our guns, there is no debate
it isn't too late, we still have all 220 million
sweet gun metal grey and parkerized finishes
ivory handled golden engraved
hot loads and hollow points
three o eights, you really dont ask me to hesitate
try and take my sweet rifle


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