Sunday, 14 August 2011

Nina Simone Kiss Breath or Felix Forever! (Conversation 2 in our Interviews with Non-Poet Poets Series)

Four Questions Before Four Answers 

1. We have heard that you are working on a new poetry/pop culture video game--can you elaborate?
2. We understand from our research that you consider MTV the MIT of the en oh doubleu. What?! Can you tell us more, please?
3. What is the relationship between elegy and parody/satire? Alternatively, what is the candle in relation to the handshake-buzzer?
4. Does this phrase "Future projects" fkin annoy you? If so, how come fkin annoy? If not, how come not fkin annoy?

1. I am so happy that you heard. "Shoot Up Yo' Mothafukin FaceBook Friends" will be released for EA Games' Preteen Anger Management division in the fall. I'm designing it with my partner Gabe Rubin. I do the writing, he does the programming... but it's more than a collaboration, it's a true love affair!
2. False information. MTV is an enabler of satanic content. Dr. Drew is a demon masked as a healer, impregnating America's youth with his evil-seed, then blaming them for forgetting to use birth control. My shaman instinct tells me to defraud this evil hustler and return him to the underworld. Maybe then they'll finally bring some music back to MTV! Riiiiight?
3. Godard said that black and white is "the color of mourning" and technicolor is "more or less the color not of real flowers but the flowers on funeral wreaths."
Melodrama imitates a life of mourning, in which vivid, rich memories becoming so colorful that they burn the screen and fade to black. YouTube's ecstatic, clickable, aliveness is really just an imitation of our ADD consciousness. YouTube is a graveyard for the former cinema and all the naive wonderment encased within. When I mourn a loss I exaggerates a presence, which in turns exaggerates the loss: they imitate each other. Winehouse used to imitate her own ghost. In death her ghost revengefully imitates Winehouse. When I imitate a person imitating a ghost, the ghost begins to imitate me. The candle serves as the illuminating flicker of film that allows the enchantment of haunted horrors to come to life. The handshake-buzzer is the shock of this encounter with the other world that stops us from ever approaching too near. Enticement (candle) and anxiety (buzzer) work together in all good dead-female-impersonations.
4. Does it fkin annoy you? I mean...I love future projects. In fact, I ought to mention that my Vlog is in full swing! Please check back constantly and subscribe god-dammit, subscribe!

Felix Bernstein is silk and soul! You can have your mind blown apart here.

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