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Haiku fore the peeps, buy the peeps…

a collection of haiku from the Urban Dictionary

1. A Japanese form of poetry used by lazy people.

I like potatoes
They are yummy and filling
Five more syllables

2. A strict form of Japanese poetry consisting of 3 lines.

A cow's in the field,
It knows not what is to come.
Rare or medium?

3. Haiku are strictly about nature. All of the definitions posted here are incorrect, those are senryu, which are haiku that do not deal with nature.

Whispering softly
Willow trees in the winter
Sway in the cold wind.

I have a big cock
It is much bigger than yours
Yours is just too small

4. Proper haikus are about nature, especially the seasons; the structure tends to be more important than the words.

Haikus have three lines.
The first has five syllables,
Then seven, then five.

Underneath a tree
Summer air is so easy.
So is yo mama.

5. A type of Japanese poetry composed of three unrhyming lines, Most likely used by the Wapanese or otaku when they aren't fighting over which episode of Hamtaro was the best.

Cosplay show in town,
Man dressed up as Sailor Moon,
Let's all point and laugh.

6. A type of Japanese poetry always 3 lines in length. The lines always have 5, 7, and 5 syllables.

Haiku About Valley Forge
Washington is cold
I kept his mother real warm
I'm his new daddy

7. A short poem where as the first line has 5 syllables, the second has 7 and the last has 5. This form of poetry does not have to, and rarely does make sense.

Haikus are random
They rarely make any sense
El Chupacabra

8. A short blunt email usually sent in response to a wordy lenghty message. The haiku conveys evocative allusions often on the subject of workplace policy or to plainly state an opinion or request without cumbersome pleseantries.

Workplace haiku:
Open toed shoes and shorts
are not permitted in the office
nor are halter tops

by mo-yo

9. A haiku is a poem with three lines, the first time has 5 syllables, The second line has 7. The third has 5.

Haiku's are easy,
but they don't always make sense.

10. REAL MEANING: a stoner town on the island of maui. This town has a lot of ganja farmers, which means a lot of young adults and teenagers grow marijauna plants over in haiku. It is East Side, Upcountry! My plants stay in Haiku!

by Ana<33

11. A "town" on the island of Maui in Hawaii, United States which should be called a region instead due to its vast size, large population of trees, and perplexing roads that will lead you to the middle of the middle of nowhere. When giving directions, be sure to offer a map and perhaps spare fuel.

"Eh, you live in Haiku ya? What part you stay?"
"Oh uh, I dunno."

12. (no definition)

haikus are evil
because they put limits on
syllables you use

no no no no no
no no no no no no no
no no no no yes

by youkay

13. Maddox ( put it best:

I had a wet fart.
I think I need to wipe it.
Damn! I shit my pants.

I'm better than you
cos my johnson is so big
I hate your mother

14. A fun poem which has five syllables in the first line, seven in The second, and five in the third line, it's mostly just about nature.

And chaos in our world
at least I'm asleep

15. (no definition)

three syllables man
what a retarded poem
a waste of three lines

16. a poem that is not restricted to the 5-7-5 format, as long as there is a good rhythm to it. the 5-7-5 was created as a template for the poem. Usually about nature.

This is a haiku
Not five seven five
but it's got rhythm

by moofoo

17. A poem format hailing from Japan. It's just like an American/English poem except like non-english words, it's entirely stupid and makes no sense. Idealist College students and "otaku" and wapanese people love it death. It's a pretty easy format because you just have to watch your the 5-7-5 format. You don't have to rhyme or make sense. Like calligraphy or any of the other stupid things to come from Japan and asia (A good reason we nuked them twice) it really holds no actual intelligence in the world of academia. It's best to kick the person who writes these thing in the jewels. Or if it's a girl, just smack her like you would any other woman (joking, you fags).

Haiku is no good.
Write stupid format for you.
Dorks like it a lot.

Touched my big penis
Japanese do not have one
They write stupid poems

*please note, the peeps at GP! do not necessarily endorse the most of the opinions contained within these definitions. We tried searching for "sestina" instead, but no one's submitted a definition for it, yet...

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