Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Jack Pendarvis Responds!

1. Maybe this is an inside joke that only poets can understand. I lack sufficient imagination to answer your question properly, though I am glad you picture Mr. Ashbery wearing "rain gear." I would worry about him standing out there in the tempest in a thin shirt. He seems like a wonderful and fascinating gentleman. When asked what makes poetry important (I think that was the question), he said its "impracticality."

2. I have always liked the word "poesy." It gives me the creeps. So I guess I would remove the t and the r and replace them with an s. But to go by your strict rule, let's remove the t and make it "poery," which sounds as if we are renaming it in tribute to Edgar Allan Poe, which I think would be a nice gesture. He had so many problems. 

3. As I read these questions, I start to realize that you have mistaken me for a much younger and more vigorous person, bursting with "edgy" humor and controversial ideas. But I am just a tired old man. I would be inclined to lie down and mind my own business, with the hope that poetry would return the favor.

4. For some reason I see Ms. Toklas on an ocean voyage in a raging storm, committing an act of bravery.

Mr. Jack Pendarvis is a mighty fine writer and awful good sport. He kicks ass over here.

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