Friday, 23 August 2013

GP's Ongoing Series of Signature-Canadian-Figure-Skater-Moves-We-Wish-More-Poets-Would-Try-On-Stage

Here Brian Orser is "shazaaming." Why don't you try it?

Here Elvis Stojko is "greeting the ghost." A good closer for your elegy.

Here Elizabeth Manley is "skooching." Try this sweet move between poems--it's easy and effective.

Here Salé and Pelletier are "flaming the rooster." Invite up an audience member for this classic--be interactive.

Here Kurt Browning is "smacking the money-maker." Close your reading with style--and a sprig of sass.

Again--GP encourages all poets to adopt one, two, or all of these timeless performance gestures. Please.

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