Monday, 29 July 2013

New Beckett Manuscript Discovered!

The literary world is abuzz with the Beckett Estate's recent announcement that a new Beckett manuscript, Waiting for Frodo, has been discovered at a Value Village in Mississauga, Ontario.  The manuscript was purchased by Douggy Smith, a 45 year old stay-at-home gamer, because he "liked the look of the dot-matrix letters on the pages." Upon purchasing the manuscript (for $2.99 CND or €3000) Mr. Smith immediately showed it to his older brother, Dr. Bruce Smith, a professor of English at Streetsville Community College and a Beckett enthusiast, who thereupon wedgied his brother until he agreed to contact--and even donate Frodo back to--the Beckett Estate. "It was the least I could do" said Douggy. "Because Dr. Smith was wedgy-ing me and stuff at the time."

Waiting for Frodo centers on a pair of vagrant men (Aragorn and Legolas) and their efforts to divert themselves while waiting, on a vague pretense, for the arrival of a furry man named Frodo, whom they only know by reputation. To occupy the time they philosophize, sleep, argue, sing, exercise, swap hats, kill orcs and consider suicide – anything "to hold the terrible silence at bay."

According to the Beckett Estate the manuscript is worth about $5.99 CND or €6000.

"I wrote Frodo for the laughs"--Sam B.

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