Monday, 15 July 2013

An Interview with Mark Edmundson about his Polemical Harper's Essay Entitled "Poetry Slam Or, the Decline of American Verse"

G'Morning Poetry: Mark!

Mark Edmundson: Good afternoon.

GP: Marky!

ME: Hello.

GP: Markay!


GP: Marky Mark!


GP: The Mark! El Marko!


GP: Markness!


GP: Markitude!


GP: Markimillion! Markibillion!


GP: Meester Mark! Master Mark!


GP: Markman! Markwoman! Markgender! Markjudithbutler! Dr. Mark! Dr. Markest! Dr. Maaaark!


GP: What do you mean by "leafing through a volume of Robert Lowell's poetry?"

ME: I mean--

GP: What does "leafing" mean?

ME: Leafing? Well it means to read or turn pages.

GP: Uh huh.

ME: Leafing.

GP: And what does "subtlety and melancholy grace" mean?

ME: Well.

GP: What does "haunted" mean and what is a "haunting sound"?

ME: Well--

GP: And what does "ambition" mean?

ME: If you'll--

GP: More to the point, look at this image here, please:

Mark Edmundson

Are you looking at this photograph of yourself?

ME: Yes.

GP: Okay--do you consider this a full-lotus position? Cos it's not. You're cheating here.

ME: What?

GP: Now look at this pic, please:
Mark Edmundson

Now, why did you ask the Yale graduating class of 2012 here to pull your finger? Why'd you do that?

ME: What?

GP: We think it was totally ambitious and we applaud you. Good day, sir, and g'morning poetry!

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