Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Ask Antonin Artaud--a New Column for Struggling Poets Everywhere

We are very excited here at GP to introduce our new feature column entitled "Ask Antonin Artaud." We know that a lot of our poetry-writing comrades out there experience many peaks and valleys in their careers (this is a tough job we've all taken on!); and we therefore thought that soliciting the advice of the great Artaud would be a wonderful help to all of us proud practitioners of poesy. So, please do send in your questions as we hope to have Artaud respond to your queries once a week. Please see below for the first installment of "Ask Artaud"! Exciting!

Dear Artaud,
  I think I'm a pretty good young poet but often times my poems are rejected. Do you have any advice for how to keep my spirits up in this demanding way of life that we call poetry?
Douglas MacKenzie, poet


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