Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Lewis Carroll aka Thor Molecules aka the Steroid Helmet Writes to Young May Barber

Ghostface Dodgson

To Mary Barber
The Chestnuts, Guildford
January 12, 1897
My dear May,
           Ayo whattup you now in the presence of the super supreme majestic divine grand imperial Cocaine Biceps aka Phantom Raviolis aka Galaxy Knuckles or the mighty Hands of Zeus...otherwise known as the magnificent Shampoo Bracelets or the world famous Spartacus Deluxe. Word...you in the presence of a gladiator in a iron dashiki wit two falcons on his shoulders nahmean. I might gon fuck around n eat a endangered species for breakfast namsayin. While yall poppin waffles in the toasters or havin yall Honey Smacks n shit. Straight like that. So yall stay out my way b. I might gon cartwheel slap a nigga if he get in my way son. Yall dont kno nothin bout that shit. But yo...I aint gon waste too much of yalls time on introductions n such... Imma jus get right to it. As most yall already kno...ey'body favorite semi-offbeat rappin muthafucka aka Phillys own Meek Mill jus dropped his first album. Its been a whole lotta anticipation for this shit too ya heard. Ya boy Robert Willliams been on his grind since back when he was still rockin em thick ass shredded wheat rows on his head n spittin Beanie-esque bars as a youngbuck.
            With every good wish for your happiness, and for the priceless boon of health also, I am
Always affectionately yours,
C.L. Dodgson

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