Saturday, 12 January 2013

G'Morning Poetry's Top Ten Awkward Canadian Poetry Moments for 2013--And What a Year It's Been!

10. The lollipop-in-Peggy-Atwood's-eye scandal
PA--just moments before sucker went airborne

9. The new-Ondaatje-cologne-causes-hives fiasco
"My skin is sensitive too," revealed the celebrated author

8. The hidden-camera-revelation that Jian Ghomeshi has not memorized a single line of Robert Service's work
"I am not pleased," said RS

7. The Leonard-Cohen-Action-Doll recall
"I didn't expect it to be life-sized--it sorta freaks me"--kid who loves poetry

6. The Bryan Adams-AF Moritz long poem collab bust

"Mori said I was too loud at our rehearsals," explained BA

5. The brouhaha over Don Cherry's xenophobic book of "Cantos from the Bench"

"I thunk it's not a racist book I did"--DC

4. The time when Celine Dion told Shelagh Rogers she was "better writer than Celine the guy which did novels"

"Me," emphasized Celine Dion

3. Paul Quarrington's Annual Canuck Luminaries Polar Bear Dip & Charity BBQ


2. Neil Young's Lifetime Achievement Medal getting snagged in Anne Michaels' 'do
"It was as if a golden piece of truth was compelled by the bedazzled geometry of a spider's web," began AM

1. The accidental awarding of a gremlin instead of a Griffin to this year's international poetry winner
"Despite the award mix-up, I loved the country of Toronto"--David Harsent

Awkward great times! See you next year, Canada!

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