Monday, 21 January 2013

GP's Terminal Poem for Harper Rejected by a Certain News Organization

"I like ominbussy kinds of poetry--thumbs up for those"--Steve Harper

So a certain US news organization has informed us that they cannot publish our terminal poem for Prime Minister Harper because they claim that 1) they did not commission said poem from us; 2) they have never heard of G'Morning Poetry or Prime Minister Harper; and 3) the poem is objectionable because it contains the interjection "eh?" We could go on about the obscenity of a society in which any moron can purchase a high-caloric donut but a tiny vulgar word is considered too dangerous, but instead, we're just going to post the poem here. We hope you like it.

 Entendre what we say:
 You are a jerk, eh?

"Where's my moneydollars?!"--Steve the Harper

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