Friday, 22 June 2012

Top Nine Reasons for Entering the 2012 Litpop Awards!

9. Because you can pretend to have misread the poster and tell your friends you're entering the LitPOOP Awards.

8. Because rumour has it, Rough Trade will be performing a confidential show at Cavelier-De LaSalle High School.

7. Because pigeons.

6. Because you can subject Ken Babstock to reading such lines as "Boogers are healthy, despite being sometimes crunchy" & "The dullness of the hatchet could slumber a Methodist."

5.  Because you can forfeit the festivities to bang a pan.

4. Because "litpop" anagrams into "plop it."

3. Because, according to the FAQ page, there are cool triangles.

2. Because St Vincent is reportedly dating again.

1. Because you're not a wimp, not yet.

do it.

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