Friday, 1 June 2012

Poetlandia: Season 1 Episode 1--Summaries


1. Pre-Credits/Pre-Main Title Intro Skit: "K. and J. make breakfast but in place of all typical food items they substitute poetry books and/or pages of poetry: a toasted [bread] book, a boiled [egg] book, a blended [fruit smoothie] book, a shredded [cereal] book; at the end of the skit K. and J. throw leftovers to the dog; the dog then looks at camera and says 'Entre nous, I'd rather have steak.'"

2. Mothers of Famous Poets Skit: "Numerous Mothers of Famous Poets meet for coffee; each mother in turn shares recent news about their respective poet-sons' and poet-daughters' accomplishments: awards, publications, grants, positive reviews etc.; a prospective Mother of a Famous Poet approaches the table and asks to join the group; all of the Mothers laugh hysterically, maniacally, rabidly, and so incessantly that the would-be Mother of a Famous Poet weeps and turns into a glass of water which each of the Mothers then sips; the last shot shows all of them peeing in their seats while reading The New Yorker.

3. Books Burning Humans Skit: "Stop-animation short in which all the books decide to burn all the fascist people."

4. On the Street "What if?" Skit: "K. and J. take to the street and ask the citizens of Poetlandia 'What if poetry was actually spelled Doug?'"

5. Sexy Poetry: "A tennis ball-like container marked Sexy Poetry is popped open and K. inhales deeply; there is a sound of a series of sproingings, K. smiling throughout. "

6. Closing Skit: "K. and J. call Random House and ask to speak to the King of Poetry."

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