Thursday, 28 June 2012

Searching for a Poem's Hidden Meaning...

  1. Chaucer
    More of the poem's "hidden" meaning is contained in its sound, the rhyme scheme, which links words especially at the ends of lines. The basic reason to use ...
  2. Life on the tenure track: lessons from the first year - Google Books Result M. Lang - 2005 - Education - 186 pages
    ... a good dozen of the students said that their purpose in reading a poem was to discover the poem's "hidden meaning." I don't like that phrase, which suggests ...
  3. Jake's Poetry: A Mother's Love
    ... 6 Months and 20 Days. I wrote the poem, and attached it to a Ficus Benjamina Tree, with braided trunk, "A Living Tribute"~ thus the Poem's hidden meaning.
  4. The venting thread;wap2
    But not every poem's hidden-meaning-to-be-deciphered-by-close-reading is about the speaker's relationship with God (or, God forbid, the author's relationship ...
  5. Word Vanguard: Interpreting Literary Works
    9 May 2011 – However, since there is no mention of these things within the poem, it can be safe to assume that is not what the poem's hidden meaning is.
  6. Political Allegory in Late Medieval England - Google Books Result W. Astell - 1999 - Literary Criticism - 218 pages
    Even if no one in the audience was actually excluded from discovering the poem's hidden meaning, however, the poem retained its status as allegory by ...
  7. Prison for Valentine Poem
    24 Jan 2008 – Myat Khaing, the editor of Love Journal, told journalists that he had been unaware of the poem's hidden meaning. It was published beneath a ...
  8. How to write poetry in your own style › ... › Poems and PoetryInspirational Poetry
    You can use the title to give the reader a hint to your poem's hidden meaning. Step 7: Content. You can place your poem content in what way you wish.
  9. Weber Liu/Poetry - BluWiki - 2012 BluWiki
    11 Sep 2009 – Although caesuras be abound: You must not try to read around: The poem's hidden meaning which: Is bound to be something profound: Or ...
  10. Smiles - The Piggy Farm
    20 posts - 10 authors - 11 Feb 2002
    Life is fine. ---. Can you find the poem's hidden meaning? 0. Back to top of the page up there ^; Reply Icon MultiQuote · Reply Icon Reply ...

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