Tuesday, 14 February 2012

On Love & Poesy--GP Interviews Anne Carson & Celine Dion

CD: Before you begin may I just sing a bit?
[AC makes face]
GP: Sure.
[CD sings]
AC: You just sang your own name. A bunch of times.
CD: [proudly] Oui, oui.
[AC shakes head]
GP: We'd like to begin by asking you both about your favourite love po--
CD: May I jumps in here? [CD sings "The Heart Will Go On"] I believe I answer your question.
[AC inhales deeply]
GP: Dr. Carson?
AC: I am reminded of Sappho's--
CD: It very funny. [Giggling]
AC: What is funny?
CD: You said "Sap Oh." Like you are at a maple tree in the bush and you are saying "Sap Oh" to the maples because you need the sap to make the syrups.
AC: That's how it's pronounced: Sap Oh.
CD: [To herself] Not in Vegas.
AC: Pardon me?
GP: Is it hard to write a love poem?
AC: [Glaring at CD]
CD: [Gesturing to AC to answer]
AC: All poems are hard.
CD: As the rock--I agree.
AC: What would you know about writing a poem?
[CD sings "The Heart Will Go On"]
GP: Has anyone ever dedicated a love poem to either of you?
CD: So many I forgots to count.
[AC shaking her head]
GP: Is that a "no" for you, then, Dr. Carson?
AC: I was shaking my head at her... Yes I have had a few love poems dedicated to me.
CD: I would like to say something about Whitneys Houston.
AC: Whitney Houston?
CD: Yes. May she rest in peace and may I always continue to sing the songs of love even though some singers have died.
AC: [Rips off mic] Sorry. I can't abide this. [To CD] You are a jerk.
[CD sings "My Heart Will Go On"]

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