Thursday, 23 February 2012

Letter to G'Morning Poetry

Sometimes we receive letters...

I am not going to writes Dear because I don't feel it to be Dear what I am feeling towards you. I read the interviews you printed with Anne Carsons and I but I should puts the I inside these quotations marks like so "I" because that was not "me." I don't know who Anne Carsons is or who you are but I (the real I this time) am me and that was not me in your printed interviews and so it is illegal what you are doing. Please stop and subsist. Everyone knows abouts my lawyers and I could send them on you in a few seconds if I so chose or desired. Which I do but I am not going to yet. For nows know that I am overly serious about this. 

Meanover, I would likes to end with this poetry from Barbara Streisand:

"Memories / all alone in the moonlight"

I will leaves you with that.

(Do not publish this words.)

Celine Dion (famous singer and celebrity personality)

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