Sunday, 12 February 2012

Everyone Raced Onto the Deck

Poem for Whitney Ledger
Poem for Heath Houston
Poem for Mr. Nobody
Poem for People Who Eat Once Every Few Days
Poem for Your Father
Poem for the Post-Twitter Universe
"Water Came Rushing in Across the Deck"
Poem for the Farm
Poem for the Nostalgia That is Rage That is Our Only Hope
Poem for the Good Ol Belly Laugh
Poem for the Bringing Together of the Dogs of Peace
Poem for the _______________________________
"We Must Wrestle Back"
"Then I Knew the Truth"

We too felt like we got what we deserved...

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  1. Poem for the rock and late dawn, poem for surfing in the bed of the pick-up-truck, poem for the hurricane (Etocicoke) westwind: