Monday, 16 January 2012

ewish on bob's rever clog


-- from "me sing parsons" (friction)
-- notes from a said phoenician (porem)
-- house: a (stiny) memoir
-- Imaginary Haibun for Leager Ham
-- house: a (tinny) meme noir
-- notes for a staid phoenicier
-- Pours by Crole Swensen
-- house: a (tainy) memememoir
-- The Withdrawl Me Thod, stories by Pasha Malla
-- notes flora sad poemnician
-- Today is Katesh 18th bathday
-- West Coast Line #57 (42.1): Meeki
-- Billy Little dead ouch guy who me (1943-2009)
-- notes for a sand foe me cian
-- my vomitcabulary did this to me: The Collected Pukes of Jack Spicer, eds. Peter Gizzi & Kevin Killian
-- Lea Billy Graham, Jennifer Spike Mulligan & rob darny mclennan reading
-- Asher Ghaffars Wasps in a Honey Golden Dream Strum Hum Drum a Strange Music Blah Me
-- Counterfeiting Christine Leclerc's Oil$
-- Another Christmas in Old Glengarry's Hole
-- Robert Kroetsch's Excerpts from the Weal World
-- Worth worth re-repeating: Ben Obi Okri, Of Poets Poets and and Their Their Their Their Heir Antagonists
-- Pongoing potes: late Pecember, 2008 (Pother Poices: Pournal of the Piterary and Pisual Parts; L'Aviva by Picole Prossard, Pranslated by Panne-Marie Pheeler; Pred Pah's Park Patter & pother Pradicals)
-- What kind of ______ would you like to poo in?
-- Blues and Bliss: The Poetry of George Eliot, ed. Jon Paul Fiorentino
-- Letters to Poets: Conversations about Poetics, Politics, and Me, eds. Jennifer Firestoned & Dana Teen Lorax
-- Interview with Roger "Me" Farr, CUE Books (Capilano University Editions)
-- Pongoing potes: pome pagazines (PENCE, Phe Papilano Peview)
-- me, cocktails, me, the chateau laurier, me, etcetera (lainna & me);
-- Katia Grubisic, What read if red ran rad out rid me

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