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My contribution to the world
  Boetry is a unique form of poetry created by Batrice "Bo" DeCosta Welt. Bo has the God-given gift of taking large spiritual concepts and eloquently refining them down to rich short stanzas of inspiration.
  The more you read Bo's Boetry, the more you will find yourself connecting to the grand celebration and appreciation of life.
  Each of the Boems carries a distinct message of inspiration. Many times you will feel that one stanza or line was written specifically for you and it was. The Boems were created to support you in living your life with hope, love and abundance.



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Self Worth
Lifetime Companion

At the end of the day
When there's no more to say
The strength of an aged
And wise personality
Speaks beyond mortality

Self worth is our essential nature
Bestowed to us upon birth
Aligned with our being
That we have on earth
Which hosts lifes true value
In place when embraced

It's offerings are an appreciation
Of creation
Peace of mind
And one
With the infinite riches
Of the divine

What a harmious place this will be
Hearts and minds being free

Present in the moment
Of the meaning to be alive
Fully awakened
And un-deprived

Forever be conscious
Of your value and true worth
It is an offering
From the heavens
Given to us upon birth
A Salute To Happiness

Spirits lifted
Mood shifted

By the mere fact
Of this act
That has a profound impact

It's an unspoken language
That's done without anguish
Which is widely understood
It makes you feel so good


Isn't it wonderful
How a simple smile
Can take you for miles
And has the healing power
That can last for hours

Have fun!



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