Monday, 28 October 2013

The Uplifting Family Photographs of the Bronte Family (with Commentaries)

"Dad snapped this one at the Toronto Maple Leafs' game--Sittler had just scored and we were cheering our lungs out, as you can see"--Charlotte

"I think Dad took this photo while we were on the merry-go-round. We're nearly hysterical with joy, as you can plainly see"--Emily

"I'm pretty sure Dad's the photographer here. Oh, gosh, we'd just won the Lotto and are going mad with happiness, as you can obviously see. What a joy-filled day of smiles that was"--Anne

"Dad captured my sisters here enjoying a gut-splitting joke whilst suntanning in Miami--such lyrical and insouciant days, those of our youth, as you can clearly see here"--Branwell

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