Thursday, 10 October 2013

Chris Hadfield's Brother, Douggy, Wins Nobel Prize in Literature

The Swedish Academy announced this morning that Douggy Hadfield, a little-known self-published science fiction writer, and brother of world-famous astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield, has won the 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature.

Douggy Hadfield is best known for a linked-cycle of 25 novels (entitled The Evil Commander Series) and is currently working on a new screenplay tentatively entitled Don't Trust the Commander He's Actually Not that Great or Talented. Douggy Hadfield's The Evil Commander Series novels all explore the 23rd Century misadventures of a corrupt, cruel, and self-absorbed space shuttle commander named Kris Hatfield. Kris Hatfield is constantly being either exposed or out-witted by his highly ethical, good-looking, but unlucky brother named Douglas Hadfield. "I publish these stories to help change the world," said Douggy Hadfield. "And also to broach universal issues such as if one person is very popular and wealthy and handsome and another person who just happens to be that person's brother is not very popular or wealthy or handsome then my novels will all explore why the less well-known person's brother is actually very attractive and in the end far more talented than the other guy."

As the 2013 Nobel Laureate, Douggy Hadfield now joins rather exalted literary company including Samuel Beckett, Mo Yan and Seamus Heaney. "It is really gratifying to win this and I wonder what my brother is thinking right now because this award is something huge and he hasn't won it and I definitely have," said Douggy Hadfield. When asked what he'd do with the million dollar reward, Douggy Hadfield said "Well, I'd like to buy the space shuttle because I am actually very wealthy now--more wealthy than your average astronaut even--and am quite interested in space-related matters and I think I'd do a pretty great job up there in space--maybe even a bit better than some people."

Douggy Hadfield, in his basement, working on the Evil Commander Series.

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