Monday, 21 October 2013

John Travolta's New Book of Poems Entitled JOHN TRAVOLTA Staying Fit: the Poems

Staying Fit: the Poems--Published by FSG

GP: Your new book of poems is entitled Staying Fit.

JT: Actually, the book is called JOHN TRAVOLTA Staying Fit: the Poems. Yes.

GP: Who, in your opinion, is the fittest, most buff poet who ever lived?

JT: I'd say TS Eliot.

TSE--doing a set of "pronated cane-press-downs"

GP: How would you describe the poems of Staying Fit.

JT: I've been asked that many times--conceptual-physical, I guess.

GP: Last night, at your reading, an audience member asked you to read your poem "Modern Dance is Macho" in the character of Vinny Barbarino but you refused--why?

JT: Here's a line from one of Angie Dickinson's poems, "Freeze, buster, you're under arrest--by poetry." Look, this is poetry we're talking about and I take it seriously and I want the audience to take it seriously, too.

GP: What is your definition of poetry?

JT: I like what Barry Gibb said, "Poetry is the disco ball of the arts."

GP:What are your hopes for this unusual book Staying Alive?

JT: Why would you say "unusual"?

 GP: Well, in part, because you appear on the cover in your tight workout clothes. That's not usual.

JT: Are you familiar with Suzanne Somers' book Fast & Easy?

SS' Fast & Easy--published by Knopf

GP: Thank you.

JT: Thunks.

JT performing "Metonymy"

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