Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Robert Frost Estate Announces New Deal w Kellogg's

The Estate of Robert Frost announced today a new marketing deal with the Kellogg's Corporation. "Dad always used to eat Frosted Flakes and then he would say 'they're gr-r-and!' and then we'd correct him and say 'you mean, "gr-r-eat!," don't you, Dad?' and then he'd say 'who's the fkin famous poet at this fkin family eating table?' and we'd all say 'you are, Dad' and then we'd continue eating in monastic silence,' said Sarah Frost the only surviving daughter of Robert Frost and the current Executor of the Robert Frost Estate.
        Frost went on to say that, while Kellogg's will continue with their world-recognized "They're gr-r-eat!" tag line, Tony the Tiger would be replaced with the new face of Kellogg's: "Robert Frosted Flake." "The guy totally looks like a frosted flake and his name is FROST," explained Kellogg's Marketing Director Doug Jenkins. "At the end of the day it was a win-win greenlight situation for us in Marketing," he added. Frost said she also expects her father's poetry sales to be boosted. "People love to read poetry at the breakfast table," she noted.
    "This is a merger my father would have been pr-r-oud of," she said.

"Basically I just like ALL my shit frosted--knoimsayin?"--Robert Frost
"In this picture I'm still kind of happy about things and life and stuff--then I got fir-r-red"--Tony the Tiger

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