Friday, 15 February 2013

Interview with Paul Hoover!

"There are a few surprises all up in here"--Paul Hoover
G’Morning Poetry: Paul, there are a few surprises all up in here.

Paul Hoover: I think you’ll certainly find a few surprises all up in here, yes.

GP: Paul, why did you choose—in this edition—to omit Bukowski and Kelly and Antin, say, but include Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, and Andrea Martin?

PH: I consider them the pre-eminent conceptual poets. I had to make space.

GP: You have also made the controversial decision to not include any actual work from any of your chosen poets but rather just simply to list their names—why did you do this?

PH: Space, again. And I respect the elegance of the list. 

GP: In your Introduction to the new volume you spend a great deal of time discussing your new HBO series IM IN A MTHAFCKIN BOOK! which you say will star Andy Samberg playing a character called “Paull Hoover” who is a poet and anthologist. When will this show air?

PH: Pretty darn soon!

GP: What is your definition of poetry?

PH: I like what Foster Hewitt said: “Pronoun verb, pronoun verb!”

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