Thursday, 26 July 2012

Leonard Cohen's Longing is Dangerous

    • Becky Driscoll
    • Santa Mira
    We would still like to read lots more about the plaintiff's husband and his very interesting history with sexual harrassment lawsuits and his fights with the apartment building co-op in NY.
    • Harry Clark
    • Boulder Creek, CA
    First, Leonard Cohen's work transcends Buddhism and all other make-believes. To his credit he probably wouldn't say this but we all know it. Still, anything to bring KPCB down a notch can't be bad for it's real victims, the American worker.
    • kadewi
    • washington dc
    You don't give colleagues books that can be misinterpreted, period. And, if in doubt, don't give it.
    • lbetel
    • Toronto
    Gotta watch out for those Canadian poets - they're dangerous. Unlike those guys in finance.
    • Billy Bob
    • AZ
    I haven't read Cohen's book, but he is a well-known practitioner of Buddhism. Perhaps this might explain the gift. It seems obvious however that the gift might be misinterpreted by the receiver...or was it misinterpreted?
    • Bill Frerichs
    • Illinois
    Leonard Cohen is known for his interest in Buddhism. The book is profound and wide in scope. I have used poems from this book concerning nature in a children's program (while being careful not to leave the book out for review by the children). I would not hesitate about giving this book to a colleague, most of whom are women. I suppose if I knew someone very sexually conservative I might hesitate. Most adults can skip items that do not interest them.
    • alicein1land
    • San Francisco, CA
    While I love Leonard Cohen's work, what does his book have to do w/ Buddhism? Pao gave Komisar a Buddhist statue after their discussion and he gives her Cohen's book? Definitely falls into the sexual harassment arena.

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