Wednesday, 4 July 2012

GP's July Bookclub Recommendations

This month we're suggesting that our 9 followers purchase for reading pleasures all of the free pdf e-book issues of "Yes Poetry" featured on the

Each manifestation of YP offers countless serifs and incites into life, as well as scrutiny as to the power of the written ward. Just as editor-in-chief, Joanna C. Valente, writes "That being said, a poem needs to exist in some kind of reality--if a poem lives only in an abstract limbo, the reader is literally left in a labyrinth. Without an audience, what good is poetry? What good would any writing be? Why write what makes you uncomfortable? ... Some may disagree."

What a reality these writings in which exist! Virtually! And of course readers can expect to have their oracular organs slapdashed with stunning photographic realist cover imageries on every single issue, and these pictures can be uploaded right to your electronic library devious. For instance, a fence with sunsetting or a water swan's back-butt:

Such contributors as Sasha Van Hoven, Robert Wexelblatt, Matthew James Babcock, and Stacy Skolnick have primed their creative juice harps and blasted out unforgettable diddies with the most titillating of titles: "Two Poems," "Listen," "Drinking Tequila Again," and "Three Poems".

As one reviewer might have said were there any reviews of this Lulu product: "The words found in this e-gazine are so inspiring that they've changed my life, forever... and for the better, even. I am now fully resolved to never again pretend to like poems nor will I waste another day contemplating metaphors. Thank you, Yes Poetry, for returning me to life!"

As always, once we've all chanced upon familiarizing ourselves with the contents of this poetry miracle, we'll be meeting at the Denny's along Highway 97A in Enderby to discuss the finer points of the poets' use of white space and homonyms. Siblings welcome. BYOB.

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