Monday, 30 April 2012

hyper-non-ironic poetries of ecocritical awareness!


by Michael Oldacre

Created on: February 21, 2009

i see your planet that once was so green
your carbon footprint to show where you've been
your trees and your plants are nearly all gone
surely you see this cannot go on

destroying your world where billions live
you poison your rivers of the life blood they give
the rich and the powerful are all who will gain
billions will die only they will remain

so count the cost now before its to late
your world is not dead yet or maybe its fate
so stop the destruction and end it today
you all must find, the alternative way

i still see your planet that once was so green
with mega rich people and money obscene
its time to pay back the things you have took
so stop blaming others and passing the book

I'm only an alien who looks down from above
i don't tell you for money i tell you for love
alone,mega rich, so my story i tell
i destroyed my world with the fires of hell

please save your planet that is the way
plant thousands of trees every day
there life giving gases will help you survive
then maybe one day my ship will arrive


Poem by APES students about Air Pollution

Irritation of the throat and eyes
All because of formaldehyde
One of 5,000 of your peers
will develop cancer over 10 years

The EPA says today
That air outside is safer in the USA
pollutant levels surrounding buildings and cars
Soar 100 times higher than those areas afar.
These chemicals cause dizziness, headaches, and sneezing
Ask me I'd rather be outside, even if it's freezing.

Radiation burns the soul
Makes a huge gaping hole.
Lots of exposure causes issues
when you're gone; we'll all miss you.
Radon hurts several each year
Oh, dear.


Pollution Poem

shaane on Sep 14, 2007

How does pollution affect our planet?
Don’t make pollution
Give some solution
We made the pollution
So its up to us
To stop pollution
Pollution is cruel
Pollution makes the world cry
We should open our eyes
And stop it right now
Don’t wait
Please don’t wait
As the ozone is “bout to burst
Save nature
Save mother Earth
Or you will end up
Just like mother Earth
Trash litters the road
Trash stinks the water
And it is not good
For “em to sting you
If gone too far,
It will be too late
It’s not a fence to be painted
You can’t cover it up
When the whole world is tainted.


Pollution - A Crime Against Nature  
By : Mistress of Word Play 

This poem expresses my concern in the manner we continue to abuse and destroy 
nature in the name of technology.

All the fish are dead and gone, 
yet I remember it had been so long, 
when I fished there with my Dad. 
All the wildlife seems to disappear, 
it is my greatest, haunting fear, 
man has killed all that which we had. 

I walk the gravel road at night,
I see no birds in peaceful flight.
 Where they have gone is a mystery. 
Signs are posted along my way,
I guess to keep us locals at bay. 
Silence hangs thick from every tree. 

Nature seems to always feel the brunt, 
and industry ignores the innocent, 
Progress has a bitter cost.
The air, the ground, and water too, 
are hazards now thanks to you know who, 
I fear we all have lost.



Kimberly Kennedy Bohannon

Pollution here
Pollution there
Pollution everywhere.

Turn around
Without a sound
Choking people
On the ground.

Pollution here
Pollution there
Pollution everywhere.

Every boat has got its sail
To keep it ‘bove the waters tail
But the whale, he had no fear...
Until pollution came so near.

Pollution here
Pollution there
Pollution everywhere.

I wrote Pollution in 1969 when I was ten. It was the first of my poems and I still remember it by heart today. We all need to pay close attention toward an ever growing concern for Mother Earth and what she has to offer, and what we stand to lose. My interest and research has broadened my awareness of how important each and every one of our roles plays in protecting the Earth.
Let’s all do our part to help save our planet.

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