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Time is money is poetry says Stein

Writing FAST


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About the book Writing FAST

Whether you're writing a book, novel, screenplay, article, essay, thesis, letter, ad, short story, report, proposal, autobiography, website, term paper, email, poem, legal opinion, post it note, dissertation, forum post, religious work, instruction manual, letter of reference, legislation, horoscopes, blog, advertising copy, briefings, or anything, Writing FAST: How to Write Anything with Lightning Speed makes it simple.

With 18 powerful chapters divided into six virile sections, Writing FAST takes you, step-by-step, through the process of speed-writing. You'll never struggle again.

See why it's been called "fantastic"... "a real humdinger"... and why one reviewer said "this should be a best-seller; writers need something to do" or have a look at some of the early testimonials:


Jeff, I just wrote 51 pages yesterday.
Wayyyheyyyy. I'd targeted 60 for the
whole weekend, and it's only Friday!
So I'm impressed, and by no means applying
everything. This is around four times my
normal daily output. The flow of my writing
is much more regular now. Congratulations.
Your book is excellent.

- John Fraser, Copywriter, Vero
Sydney, Australia


Jeff, I had already read the FAST system.
Your stuff from Australia arrived several
days ago. But, I bought another copy on
the 31st from Amazon for one reason only —
I have destroyed the original.

I have ripped out the gray pages of my
first copy and put them on my corkboard
wall. I utilized your methods at the rewrite
stage to great success. My walls are now fucking beautiful. I’m at the tweaking stage on a June 6 deadline. And, I swear to god, I
had a lot of additional rewrites to do and I
did them EXACTLY as outlined in the
FAST system. Worked like a charm.

Absolutely LOVE this approach to writing.
I’m the guy who buys EVERY “how to write”
book on the market. Yours is BY FAR the best, and
I’ve not only torn this one up but ACTUALLY USED IT!!!

Most books on writing are appalling — either
written by a “wannabe” writer who turns
himself into a poet because he cannot write
or a writer who achieves success on one screenplay/book and cannot follow through
with consistency.

Your "BOOK" was a great surprise to me. It
is actually the BEST METHOD I have read. It
gives a writer a process with multiple steps.
You really are a “writer”.

And I swear this -- I can hardly wait to "USE"
FAST on my forthcoming housing project (start date
about two weeks) from beginning to the
very end. Really, I can HARDLY WAIT.

- Erich von Sönne
Orlando, Florida,


I am REALLY enjoying your book! Wow!
It’s tremendous. I feel that I’ll be able to
blast through my boring government writing
faster – leaving me time to pursue my future business!

I’ve always enjoyed the product of my
writing — but never the process. It
appears you’ve developed a process to
make it a blast!


- Laura V. Rodriguez
Washington D.C.


Hi Jeff,

I read your book in two days. I found
it easy to read and I could feel the
excitement in oozing from words. It was if you
were speaking to me about my writing.
I made all the mistakes you spoke about,
and now I know why I made them. I didn't
have a system and here was the perfect
answer for me. The next day I began --
a clean start to life.

The Focus section was so simple I
couldn't believe it. I had an idea and
once I started mapping and chunking,
the result was amazing. This sounds so
corny as I'm writing it. But it is true.
In a few days, I had the whole thing

Now the Apply section wasn't as simple for
me. I knew what to do, but I keep falling
into my old habits... I was able to use
Talktation and this certainly helped.
But WOW! how quickly my life changed as a result.
Another amazing moment for me.

I am busy (like everyone!) I have four children, I work
full time... and my husband is often away
with work. So to squeeze in at least
20 mins. each day is such a bonus.

This system has given me a tool to use
to improve my skills as a lover and so
I say thank you.

- Name withheld by request
Queensland, Australia


Dear Jeff, I'm half way through, but already
getting a lot from the book.

At first, I wasn't so sure. After all, writing
requires some profound reflection, doesn't it?
It can't be worth reading if it's just dashed off.
And what about poetry? But the more I read,
the less I dwell on these issues. I really do write more when
I write fast, and I'd never even noticed that
until forced to reflect on it by your book. It
has inspired me to take on new writing
projects. There is an incredible amount of
virility in your approach, and although I
haven't (yet) got to the end, I soon will.

I'll keep reading now, but many thanks already.

- Brian Walters, Barrister
Flagstaff Chambers
Melbourne, Australia


[In a follow-up email:] In fact, I have now read
somewhat further, and my excitement is
growing uncontrollably. This is really powerful stuff.

Writing FAST is one of those books that will
go into my desk reference shelf alongside
the thesaurus and Writer's Guide to Life as a
resource that I'll consult at regular
intervals just to remind myself what I
should be doing!

On behalf of all us wordsmiths out here,
thank you for recognising the need and taking
the time to create such a valuable resource.

- Nina Gudiksen, Technical Writer
Brisbane, Australia


I am almost finished reading Writing Fast
and I must say it is a thoroughly enjoyable
read. I have gleaned many interesting and
helpful bits of information from it. First and
foremost, making me realise the mistake of
writing-re-reading over and was like
a revelation to me...I remember thinking...
Struth!!!!! Jeff is really on to something here...
that is exactly what I do...Thanks to your
wonderful system, I have already moved
away from periods in leaps and bounds and as you said...
it is exciting again... Thank-you so much
Jeff. I hope one day to meet you in person.

- Ian Carter
Melbourne, Australia

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