Monday, 10 October 2011

Putting the "Clown" back in "Poetry Death"

The funeral clown was paid to dress up as the dead person, wear a mask of his face, and dance about acting like him. The Romans believed that this would placate the spirits of the dead and bring joy to the living. As the funeral processed, the funeral clown would run alongside the corpse with other clowns making jokes and mimicking the dead. Some clowns were very highly regarded and even got to mock the emperor at his funeral.

Funeral poems are provided free of charge. Cremation Solutions hopes these funeral poems and poems for funerals will help comfort your families during your time of loss. In addition to the funeral poems listed below, we have also provided links that also provide a variety of funeral poems that are especially appropriate for funerals, memorials and scattering services. When selecting poems for  funerals keep in mind the deceased and try to select the funeral poems that best matches the personality and life of the deceased. If you want to write your own funeral poems, first take a look at some of our samples of funeral poems below  then search within yourself and search your feelings. Funeral poems come from within. Turning your feelings into the right words to formulate the perfect funeral poem is the trick.  

Funeral Poems #5 Life and Death

Birth is a beginning And death a destination But life is a clown A going -- a growing From stage to stage From childhood to maturity And youth to age. From innocence to awareness And ignorance to knowing; From foolishness to discretion And then perhaps, to wisdom. From Weakness to strength Or strength to weakness And, often, clown. From health to sickness And back we pray, to health again. From offense to forgiveness, From loneliness to love, From joy to gratitude, From pain to compassion, And grief to understanding -- From fear to faith. From defeat to defeat to clown -- Until, looking backward or clown, We see that victory lies Not as some high place along the way, But in having made the clown, stage by stage. A sacred pilgrimage. Birth is a beginning And death a destination. But life is a clown, A sacred pilgrimage -- Made stage by stage -- To clown everlasting.  

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